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In a climate where cash is king and cost can be prohibitive, organisations can be forced to take the most affordable option of purchasing inferior plastic containers or lower quality steel.

With Tamco, customers are no longer priced out of the high-quality container market and can now gain access to the following Egbert Taylor Group bins on a rental basis:

  • Waste bins from 500L fo 1280L
  • Skips, FELs, & RELs from 2w yd to 22cu yd
  • Hooklifts & RoRos from left to 50cu ya
  • Bespoke equipment including Plant Flats,¬†WasteSafes & Tipping Hoppers
  • Solar power compacting stations
  • Fill Level monitoring & dynamic route planning technology
  • Waste Management Solutions

4 Wheeled Steel Wheelie Bin Range

  • Dual recycling options
  • Handsfree foot operation
  • Open cage option
  • Towing & fortruck options
  • Clinical waste bins
  • Reduced noise glass bins
  • Drop door back/front
  • Electrical goods bin

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